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Child Custody

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All relationships between adults do not last.  When a breakup occurs and children are involved, the issue of parenting plans and timesharing is often the most emotional, contentious, and important matter to be resolved. The relationship between two adults is ending but the relationship between a child or children and their responsible, loving parents should continue. Houston, Ft. Bend, Galveston family law attorney, Veronica B. Dorsey, strives to help couples resolve child issues amicably and create parenting plans and access and possession arrangements that are practical, feasible, and in the child's best interest and consistent with parents work schedules.

But sometimes a peaceful, agreeable solution to child custody and possession is not possible. Veronica B. Dorsey is an experience attorney who goes to trial when necessary to advocate for the rights and interests of her clients. It is the policy of the State of Texas to encourage frequent contact between a child and his or her parents.  The State of Texas policy encompasses shared decision making and timesharing with the end result being parents ideally have a say in the children's upbringing.  They can share not only the rights but the responsibilities of the children's education, healthcare, religious matters, and other aspects childrearing. These rights and duties exists without regard for the age or sex of the child or the parents. However, the court's primary interest the best interests of the child.

Experienced legal representation in Houston, Ft. Bend, and Galveston Child custody disputes is achievable.   The Law Office of Veronica B. Dorsey is dedicated to its clients and their families. We recognize that even though relationships dissolve, family relationships last a lifetime, and ongoing, meaningful contact with both parents is most often the best solution for all involved. If you are experiencing a divorce or child custody dispute in Houston, Galveston, or Ft. Bend, contact Veronica B. Dorsey for advice from a caring, competent, and professional family law attorney.

If you are seeking a Child Custody attorney in Houston, Galveston, or Ft. Bend, contact us today.  You will get important questions answered and move in the direction of securing a reliable attorney to assist you with your plans to adopt.

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